Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Let the voting begin... again!

Hello everyone!

Thank you so much for your support throughout the month of August. Trust me when I tell you that voting is for the birds but each day I remind myself of the situations people with Multiple Sclerosis are in and how much we could do for people with $25,000. It would really change the lives of several people and be an experience that would never be forgotten.

We have had several people mention that they will not vote or support anything that involves Pepsi because it is not a healthy product to promote. MS Dreams does not promote Pepsi or its products and in no way feels they are healthy. What we want everyone to understand though is that Pepsi is a huge organization that is giving some money back to the community. It is a shame that many other large organizations are not doing similar things and our hope is that by Pepsi taking this step others will follow. Voting for ideas will obviously expose you to some Pepsi advertising but there is absolutely nothing that asks you to purchase their products to support ideas, or anything similar. I do have to say that other than seeing some Pepsi logo's throughout the site, they have been very good with keeping the focus on the idea and not their products. Also, I have not seen even one email from Pepsi since signing up for voting which is a great thing.

Respecting those who do feel negatively towards Pepsi, we will be making some changes to our promotions. Also, since this is month two of voting and reminders we want everyone to feel comfortable and avoid being annoying to all of our friends 8-):

-- We will no longer mention "Pepsi" in our reminder emails or Twitter, Facebook, Blog posts. We will simply refer to the Refresh Project and hope it will show everyone that we want you to vote for MS Dreams and our partners, not for Pepsi.

-- We will be "piggy backing" our reminders on Facebook and Twitter. We generally do a daily post unrelated to the Refresh Project and from now on we will be focusing our posts more on our fundraising event in October. For example "Please visit our website for more information on our comedy night in October (Did you vote today?". This should limit the number of posts we do and help free up your daily viewing.

-- MS Dreams is still looking for volunteers to help spread the word and sell tickets to our comedy night October 9th in Warren, OH. If you are interested in selling tickets or hanging flyers, please email us at

-- Last but not least, I wanted to thank everyone for voting our partner through in August! Angels 4 Epilepsy has been supporting us every day with votes and with your help they moved from #13 to #7 within hours and will receive a $5,000 grant.

Thank you all for your support, and we have some very exciting things coming up! Below are some links to our refresh project page and a link to daily voting reminders.

Please vote daily to make dreams come true for people with Multiple Sclerosis . You can also sign up for daily voting reminders at


David Serotko
Multiple Sclerosis Dreams
dx 9/15/2006

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