Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sponsor Our 18th hole! MS Dreams

Our 18th Hole is now up to $41, lets keep it going! Sponsor a hole for a business, or simply dedicate it to someone you know with MS... http://ow.ly/51ekt

18th Hole Auction - Golf Fore A Dream

We just listed the 18th hole of our golf outing for auction on eBay! Please share and consider bidding! http://ow.ly/51ekt

Golfers, time to put your talents to use and help make a dreams come true for people with Multiple Sclerosis! What better could you do on June 4th @ 2:30, might as well do good and have some fun! We need team information by Wednesday if possible, so please let us know via email at dreams@msdreams.org with your team details :).

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thank you video from our first dream recipient Kerry!

Check out our thank you video from our first dream recipient Kerry! Special thanks to Lynn Hedrick from DriveAble Solutions in Phoenix, AZ for providing this video! Also, just heard from Kerry and she has passed all of her endorsement tests and the install is ready to go!!! (Video is on our new YouTube Channel)


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

CNN and the Snake

~ sssssSo here is our story ~

It all begins with a story that has been in the news about a Cobra being lost at the Bronx Zoo (Link to story). While using Twitter with a personal account yesterday (March 28th), I was following a hash tag called #wherethebronxzoocobraishiding and noticed someone had created a Twitter user named "BronxZoosCobra". I found it funny and decided to follow them, and I was actually the first follower.

Within a day the account "BronxZoosCobra" has over 95,000 followers! Since I was the first follower, it was being rumored that I must have created the fake account. I decided to use this to the advantage of MS_Dreams on Twitter and tweeted that if people wanted clues on the location of the snake, they should follow our charity on Twitter. Before I knew it CNN was calling and emailing to get my attention, and they felt there was a connection between MS Dreams and the account "BronxZooCobra"!

I let it fly for a while to try and grow our followers on Twitter but finally broke down and called Abigail Bassett (@AbigailBassett) with CNN. She is truly a great person and we had a nice chat. I got to tell her my side of the story and many details about Multiple Sclerosis Dreams. We had a great chat and a good laugh about the situation.

So Abigail, we would love to see you also follow us on Facebook (Facebook Page) and truly hope to be a part of a future story. I highly recommend anyone on Twitter to follow Abigail, and be sure to check out her website http://www.abigailbassett.com/.

What an interesting evening, I just had to share it with everyone! Thank you all for your continued support of MS Dreams!

~ Sssssincerely,

David Serotko
Multiple Sclerosis Dreams
Dx: 9/15/2006

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Kerry's Story

Check out our website to read about our first dream recipient! http://ow.ly/4lWp8

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Congratulation, Kerry!

Congratulations to Kerry from Gilbert, Arizona who was selected as our first dream recipient! Kerry's dream is to have hand controls and a hydraulic scooter lift installed on her vehicle and we are excited to have the opportunity to do this for her! Stay tuned for more details!!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

MS Friend in need

Hello everyone,

I received a special request from a caretaker of someone with Multiple Sclerosis. She is celebrating her 70th birthday on September 22nd and her caretaker asked for some help. Would you send her a birthday card? You can email dreams@msdreams.org and I can share her name and address with you so it can be sent. It is OK if it is a little belated and it would really make her birthday special. Below is the email minus some details for you to review. I hope everyone can help out and thank you for your support!


Im a Caretaker for a Lady who has MS and is confined to a wheelchair . I do as much for her as I can but at times it becomes very hard . She lives by herself and life is a burden to her at times . My heart breaks seeing her every day in the condition she is in . She will be 70 yrs old on the 22nd of this month . Kids and Family dont help alot and im not even sure if anybody will help me celebrate her Birthday .She is always so sad cause nobody really comes arround cause all feel that they have to help her when they visit . If anybody maybe wants to send her a Bday card im sure she would appreciate that and wont feel so forgotten, even if the cards are late.

Thank you so very much

I really hope we can all stick together and make this a special birthday for her!


David Serotko
Multiple Sclerosis Dreams