Monday, April 12, 2010

Meeting with Make A Wish Foundation in Phoenix, AZ

I had a wonderful meeting on Friday with the Make A Wish Foundation! I started my meeting with the CEO David Williams for 30 minutes and talked about Multiple Sclerosis 365. We talked about what got me started with and also his background and how he found his way to the Make A Wish foundation. David is such a great guy and has a great outlook on life and much respect for all of his employees.

From there, I met with the COO and had a great time! He was incredibly helpful and shared some great information about Make A Wish and explained how he admired my background and that I am not afraid to take some chances and really explore life. I was very nervous meeting with him but he really was a great guy and very outgoing.

The next meeting was with the Celebrity Program Manager. She really helped me understand the process of contacting celebrities and what to expect. Also, she helped me realize who would be the best people to contact for our organization. It was surprising to hear some of the celebrities that were most helpful, some you may not expect.

I spent about an hour with the Sr, Manager of Mission Resources and she really had a ton of information about Make A Wish and how the selection process works.Many of the things she mentioned really opened my eyes to things that I may run into and what to watch out for.

Next I went to lunch with CEO David Williams and spent an hour chatting about everything! We started talking about business and towards the end he was suggesting places for me to visit in Arizona. He really is a great person and a wonderful asset to their organization.

After lunch I met with the Campaign Manager. I only spent a half hour with her but could have easily spent an hour and a half. She had a lot of great information on fund raising and simple things we could do to move forward and grow the organization. I will for sure be speaking to her in the future and asking for more details.

I then spent a half hour with the Online Communications Manager who manages their website, Facebook, and Twitter accounts. We definitely had a great deal in common when it comes to playing online lol. He has since mentioned me on Twitter and I feel we will be in contact many more times. He also thought that our website was designed very well and he liked the simplicity and how the orange color of the Donate button grabbed his attention.

My final meeting was with the Senior Manager of Chapter Support. She had a TON of great information and recommendations. We were only slotted for 30 minutes but talked for about an hour. She also insisted I contact her when we started planning our events, as she would love to help us!

I had a wonderful time and was meeting non stop from 9:00AM until 3:00PM. I am still amazed at the fact they put aside so much time for me. The Make A Wish Foundation was everything I had imagined and more. I have some great contacts and hope to continue my relationship with them in the future. Thank you everyone for your support and we are sure to make strides in the future!


David Serotko
Multiple Sclerosis 365

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