Tuesday, March 29, 2011

CNN and the Snake

~ sssssSo here is our story ~

It all begins with a story that has been in the news about a Cobra being lost at the Bronx Zoo (Link to story). While using Twitter with a personal account yesterday (March 28th), I was following a hash tag called #wherethebronxzoocobraishiding and noticed someone had created a Twitter user named "BronxZoosCobra". I found it funny and decided to follow them, and I was actually the first follower.

Within a day the account "BronxZoosCobra" has over 95,000 followers! Since I was the first follower, it was being rumored that I must have created the fake account. I decided to use this to the advantage of MS_Dreams on Twitter and tweeted that if people wanted clues on the location of the snake, they should follow our charity on Twitter. Before I knew it CNN was calling and emailing to get my attention, and they felt there was a connection between MS Dreams and the account "BronxZooCobra"!

I let it fly for a while to try and grow our followers on Twitter but finally broke down and called Abigail Bassett (@AbigailBassett) with CNN. She is truly a great person and we had a nice chat. I got to tell her my side of the story and many details about Multiple Sclerosis Dreams. We had a great chat and a good laugh about the situation.

So Abigail, we would love to see you also follow us on Facebook (Facebook Page) and truly hope to be a part of a future story. I highly recommend anyone on Twitter to follow Abigail, and be sure to check out her website http://www.abigailbassett.com/.

What an interesting evening, I just had to share it with everyone! Thank you all for your continued support of MS Dreams!

~ Sssssincerely,

David Serotko
Multiple Sclerosis Dreams
Dx: 9/15/2006

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  1. Great story! Keep up the good work, the world is a smal place and you never know who you'll meet next!